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Shreela Country

Children of Heaven

My first page is a condensed version of my children and their journey towards Heaven. The next two pages are my sons', Joseph and William, stories as told to me by them from Heaven.

And from there, I move towards healing. For myself, the healing comes from the authoring of these pages, in the hopes that I can help other parents who may be going through some of the same or similiar struggles with their children.

These pages include: NICU/PICU, Organ Donation, Grieving Parents Support Page, Light A Candle For Your Child, and Parents of Special Needs Children. These pages contain links, poetry, guestbooks, message boards, chat room, and webrings of the same subjects.

Other pages

My other pages include pages I have made for other children, Brendon and Tyler, who are both special themselves. Brendon recieved heart, liver, and both lungs transplantation in August 1998. Tyler has Cerebral Palsey, and took his first steps..Praise God!

And if you or your friends have been feeling stressed lately and would like a special massage from Fairys or Mermaids (G-rated) or Butterflies or even Bubbles, then drop on in on the Massage Pages. And send them to your friends in need of a good whimsical massage! 8-)

So Let's Go!

Get ready for an emotional journey through my pages, where you will cry, laugh, smile, learn some new things, and might even make new friends through the various links.

May you and your loved ones lives be blessed!

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{Parents of Special Needs Children}
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{Tyler Walks with CP} {Brendon Triple Transplant}
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{My Brother Mark}

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