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Welcome and Enjoy
Shreela's Applets

So far this page is mostly frames practice. My goal is to get the navigation table on the left to get this frame to display my java applets.

Once I have successfully accomplished the frames, then I will proceed to placing a mouseover navigator button bar in the left frame.

After that is done, then I will try using tables tricks to make this introduction page easier on the eye as far as reading by alternating thumbnail version of the images I used in the applets alternating from right to left as in magazine articles.

Oh my! Aren't I courageous? Or thickheaded, either one LOL! But, next....yes there is a next, I will attempt the CSS (cascading style sheets), which should not be very apparent from the veiwing end if done correctly. But they will enable me to use more advanced techniques such as ActiveX and DHTML with the use of invisible layers which will add even more interactivity to our pages!

So pray for me not to lose my mind with all this proposed learning and bear with all my geek mumbo jumbo LOL cuz all yall will benefit from my learning all of this.

I suppose that I should just go all out and attempt to put on a forms link as the last. I have one successful form sheet already and have tested it out in my card shoppe. Now, if I could just find a card service that is reliable! Argh!

God Bless
WebMistress Shreela LOL making myself ROFLM*O