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I Am Woman
God Gave Me To You

I Am Woman

God saw your need for companionship
He gave you me

I am woman

Please Do Not Hurt Me!

God saw your need to exist
He gave you life
Born by me

I am woman

It Is Wrong To Hurt Others!

God saw your need for eternity
He gave you a saviour
Born by me

I am woman

There Are Never Excuses For Abuse

God saw your need for offspring
He gave you children
Born by me

I am woman


Your most precious gifts from God
Born by me

I am woman

You Are Strong, You Can Stop The Abuse

Would you cherish a gift from God?
I am your gift
Given to you by God

I am woman

God Gave Me To You ~ Please Do Not Hurt Me

© ~ §h®êê£å ~ ©

Others Have Been Strong Enough To Stop Abuse, They Recieved God's Glory

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